Knowledge Management

Knowledge-Managment-300x231Applied Knowledge Management

We apply our experience, independent perspective and clarity of thinking to help clients identify the points of intervention that will generate the most significant impact.

Our Knowledge Management work involves…

  • Shaping organisational cultures, including but not limited to:
  • Helping the organisation articulate the business challenges that can be addressed by applying tools, methodologies and approaches that fall within the KM field
  • Diagnosing your organisations readiness to systematically make use of the knowledge and information within the organisation
    • By engagement and collaboration with key staff, tap into ‘What your company knows’ to;
    • identify the real challenges that ‘get in the way of people doing their jobs’
    • ‘make sense’ of what the causes of these challenges actually are
    • prioritise which, when solved, will provide the biggest impact
    • develop action plans to deliver a sustainable result

This co-creation approach not only identifies the core blockers within the organisation, it also begins the process of ensuring adoption by engagement, and ultimately the required culture change necessary to deliver the right information and knowledge to the right people at the right time.

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