About the Change Management Toolbox

ToolboxWe have been focused on Organisation Development, Change Management and Knowledge Management in organisations since 1998. The Change Management Toolbox is a boutique consulting firm who delivers tailored solutions, Innovative frameworks and proven methodologies that develop sustainable, resilient capability within organisations.

We partner with these organisations to ensure co-creation of solutions by the people who are most impacted. Business need, engagement, ownership and adoption are key to the success and sustainability of your initiatives.

We provide a complete range of services to address your business and cultural needs including; diagnostics, off the shelf training programs where your people work on their current ‘real’ business challenges, or tailored programs designed specifically for your situation. All of these solutions include coaching modules to maximise adoption and sustainability.

All these approaches have one thing in common, they are designed to build skills, confidence, resilience and capability within your organisation to minimise dependence on external providers.

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About Michelle Lambert

Michelle LambertMichelle Lambert is an organisational capability builder who is passionate about all things to do with Change and Knowledge Sharing within and across organisations. Taking a similar approach to leaders like Richard Branston, Michelle’s approach is a common sense style that comes from the premise that if you can get it right within the organisation then the impact on the customer becomes tangible.

Having both formal qualifications and over 20 years experience in change and knowledge management Michelle has a real passion about helping leaders and change agents in organisations find better ways to engage their people in their change management initiative.

Her experience includes working with organisations where they need connecting across cultural, geographic or structure/silo boundaries across Australia and in Asia.

Michelle’s works in the Organisational Change, Knowledge Sharing & collaboration areas has lead her to see these areas as interdependent, each being fundamental to the success of the other. Working in these areas, especially in her time creating and building a successful cross industry Roundtable in Victoria for the past 7 years, it is critical that she stay up to date with where organisations can go with the latest approaches as well as approaches that have a proven track record.

Having begun her journey into the area of Social Media in 2005, Michelle recognised the potential of social media in further engaging the workforce and collaborating around change. She also recognises the need to address the issues of business requirements, governance and barriers to adoption that many organisations find themselves with. She has been at the pointy end of this field as it has grown exponentially ever since. The work that the Change Management Toolbox has done around their innovative approach to integrating these approaches into the workplace is innovative and practical and a must for all enterprises in todays fast paced world.

For more information about Michelle Lambert or you can follow on:

  • Twitter – @michellelamb
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